What’s the Point of Windmills?

February 13, 2019

“So how do these help me?”

Why You Need to Do Your Windmills

By Monique Martin | February 2019

Windmills are often considered the ultimate multifunctional, multi muscle mobility AND stability drill that offer both stretch and strength components. We often get asked “what exactly are these doing for me?” and we hope this helps clarify their importance and motivates you to do your windmills!


5 Most Important Things to Remember to Do a Proper Windmill

1.) Set up your foundation: position your feet, stack your hips, pack/set your shoulder for the top hand

2.) Hinge at your hips and always look at top of middle finger throughout the entire movement

3.) Keep back leg with the KB straight, but can bend lead leg to modify



What Does a Windmill Benefit?
  • Stretches Hamstrings: Tight hamstrings can be the source of back issues. The windmill stretches hamstrings individually and doesn’t allow for compensation whilst stretching
  • Glute Activation: The glutes are activated from a stretch position when coming up back up to standing position. Glute activation will help alleviate back pain and is necessary for jumping, running, standing up from sitting, etc.
  • Shoulder Stability: By engaging all of your shoulder stabilizers when you add load to the windmill you learn to properly “pack” your shoulder which will decrease future shoulder injuries.
  • Core Strengthening: Windmills are known to be one of the best dynamic stabilization exercises. While you may mostly feel the movement in your obliques, the stabilizing of your shoulder and bracing of your core during the controlled dynamic movement to the bottom of the stance back to the top causes your core to work even harder to remain stable while moving. Strengthening your core benefits most all movement, but specifically we’re working to protect your spine and back


Who Should Be Doing Windmills?

Everyone! All types of athletes can find benefit in adding windmills to their workouts. Begin with body weight and once you become more advanced gradually add weight to create load in the movement.


When Should I Do Windmills?

Windmills are great in the beginning of a workout whilst warming up or if you have a specific core portion of your workout. You can also incorporate windmills in-between working sets.

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