Healthy Gym, Happy Members. Friendly reminders on how to keep our gym healthy!

January 30, 2019

Healthy Gym, Happy Members

Do you know “the neck rule” of working out when sick? Plus, healthy habits to incorporate when you’re working out at Godspeed!

No one knows your body like you do, so you are always the final judgment call as to whether you’re healthy enough to workout. In the fitness world, many people follow “the neck rule” to assess if it’s a good idea for them to workout.

If your symptoms are above the neck (for example if you have a runny nose, congestion, or sore throat) you should be okay to workout.

If your symptoms are below the neck (respiratory symptoms like tight chest and/or persistent cough, stomach symptoms or problems, muscle aches, fever, chills) you should rest and try again tomorrow, assuming your symptoms improve.

Help Keep Our Gym Healthy!

Here’s a couple ways you can help look out for your fellow Godspeed family by keeping our gym sanitary and keeping everyone healthy.

  • Wipe down all equipment you use or sweat on with wipes after you workout like barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells, and ab mats. (You can also wipe down anything you use beforehand too). Please don’t hesitate to ask a staff member for wipes whenever you need them!
  • Wash your hands. Simple yet effective. We even have hand sanitizer dispensers around the gym! (There’s one between the bathrooms and one by the fridge in the athlete’s area).
  • Do your best to keep your fluids to yourself. Sweating is great for you, but please be considerate and courteous about your workout area especially after you exercise! If you have any cuts or abrasions you can always ask a staff member for a band aid to keep it covered!
  • Wash your gym bag and equipment more often. Not only to help with any potential stench it may have, but make sure you’re properly taking care of things like your knee sleeves and wrist wraps!
  • If you are sick: please be considerate of your Godspeed family, take the day off to rest, and don’t spread your germs at the gym!

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