Active Life Athlete: Rick Burgess

February 22, 2018

Finding the motivation to get up and work on a goal can be hard to find. At Godspeed, we encourage everyone who is eager to meet their goals and change their life for the better.

We would like to highlight Rick Burgess, a husband and a father, for his consistent hard work that has paid off tremendously.
Rick had a goal and he worked hard every day until he reached it. His goal? Bike down a 7,000 foot volcano in Hawaii.

With the help of Coach Blake, Rick changed the way he thought about food and changed the way he used his free time. He spent many days at the gym and recorded daily food journals to help him find a proper balance of quality foods to keep up with macro nutrients. He gained a new mindset that changed the way he thought about food: food is fuel and some is meaningless or harmful.

As Coach Blake helped keep Rick accountable through his transformation, Rick also held Coach Blake accountable to growing his Faith in Christ. They became good friends and developed an unbreakable bond.

“My wife and children encourage me to continue to go because they see the results. When my wife took my picture on the bike before we went down a 7,000 foot volcano was a look I will never forget,” Rick said. “She was not just proud of me but knew there was a day she would have had to take that ride without me.”

Active Life Athlete: Rick Burgess from Godspeed Elite Sports Academy on Vimeo.

Rick’s 3-month transformation resulted in a 20-pound weight loss, 6% drop in body fat and a 5-pound increase in skeletal muscle mass. At Godspeed, we encourage all of our members to have a realistic workout plan. With hard work and consistency, nothing is impossible.

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