Ditch Dieting…It’s All About Lifestyle Changes

January 18, 2019


Dieting vs. Lifestyle Changes

By Monique Martin | January 2019

You want results and we’re committed to leading you there.


Particularly with our Active Life Adult population, many of our members’ initial goals when beginning their training at Godspeed is to lose weight. Sometimes, we even get prospective new members who’s excuse for not jumping into the Godspeed Active Life Adult Program and joining our Godspeed family is that they “need to lose weight before they can start training at Godspeed.” While we want to encourage weight loss goals, we want to encourage a healthier lifestyle first and foremost.

This article is to debunk the potential myth that Godspeed’s nutritional counseling we offer is equivalent to an intensive, restrictive diet. This is not to say that sometimes the results our members are looking for may require a total lifestyle change, but we’ve found that educating our members on simple and effective measures they can incorporate into their life right away and easily maintain in their life is most successful.

Instead of dieting, Sherry Pagoto of The University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA breaks down this “lifestyle intervention” into three areas: diet, exercise, and behavior. Her research has shown changes will come as a result of practicing portion control, limiting high-calorie food, knowing how to eat out at restaurants, setting exercise goals, achieving target heart rates during workouts, and learning how to stay motivated, self-monitor, and understand hunger will bring you the lifestyle changes necessary to bring about the change you’re looking for.


1.) Get educated

  • There are plenty of misconceptions about health, wellness, and fitness out there that are either outdated or being rebutted. Get informed on what lifestyle changes you need to make that make sense for you to reach your goals.
  • If you’re trying to lose weight, the CDC says begin with creating a “calorie deficit” which is simply ensuring your calorie consumption is less than how many calories you’re burning. Furthermore, to keep the weight off you need to do regular physical activity.

2.) Prepare

  • Many people fail because they fail to prepare. Set yourself up for success by planning your meals ahead of time and implementing workouts into your schedule when it works for you.
  • Invest when you can, but make a plan that suits you based on what you like and what you can afford.
  • If you don’t know how or what to prepare, our Godspeed staff is happy to help you and offer suggestions!

3.) Find a way to stay consistent or accountable

  • Finding the information you need and making that initial plan are great places to start in any lifestyle changes you may need to make, but consistently sticking to your plan or goals is the only way you’ll see any changes or maintain your efforts. Godspeed coaches are committed to keeping you committed to your goals inside and outside the gym!

Start investing in your health and well-being today and begin applying longterm, sustainable lifestyle changes to see the long term results you’re looking for.

If you aren’t a member of Godspeed yet, inquire about our programs today and we’ll get you on track to achieve your goals by educating you, preparing you, and keeping you accountable!


Wanjek, Christopher. “Losing Weight: Lifestyle Changes Trump Any Diet.” LiveScience, Purch, 20 Aug. 2013, www.livescience.com/39032-lifestyle-changes-trump-diet-losing-weight.html.

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