What I Ate Wednesday With Austin Womack

Hi there! It’s good to see you back for the second video in this series!

This video, you’ll be seeing what Godspeed Performance Coach, Austin Womack likes to eat for his delight and his weight room “GAINZ.”

Before we get this show started, let’s get to know Austin a bit better, shall we?

10 Facts You Should Know About Austin:

1. Proud graduate and former baseball player for Hendrix College (Conway, AR).

2. When he wasn’t on the dirt diamond, he pursued and received a BS in Kinesiology.

3. He decided he wanted some more letters following his name and is currently pursuing his Masters in Human Performance and is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA).

4. When in Kansas City, his favorite food of choice is “Kansas City BBQ,” it’s for the “GAINZ.”

5. That’s right, “GAINZ.”

6. Favorite Birmingham food is TBD…he’s open to suggestions!

7. Odds are if you catch him working out (or simply follow him on Instagram @WomackStrength) you’re most likely to see him working on deadlifts, his favorite exercise.

8. What you won’t likely find him doing? Running around the turf timing his 400 meter sprints or leading a step aerobic class…the man hates cardio.

9. However, if you’re nervous about your next dance party, he can teach you how to Dougie. Go on, ask him, make him prove it!

10. Ok, gals, get ready for this one. When asked to name his hero, he said, wait for it, his MOM. Awwwwwwww!

(Austin, you’re welcome in advance for all the ladies now headed your way.)

Let’s take just one more minute and read what Austin had to say for the Q&A portion!

We’re in your apartment, I take it upon myself to grab a drink from the fridge…what am I guaranteed to always find?

You will always find bacon and eggs in my fridge. Always. And in no way is that depressing.

What do you find is the biggest misconception with nutrition, fitness and meeting goals, whether it’s toning, losing weight, adding muscle, etc?

The biggest misconception is that it’s hard. It’s actually simple. If you want to lose weight, for example, just take in less calories than you’re expending. The trick is consistency, but that’s what we, your coaches, are here for: to help you maintain a consistent effort for your goals. Don’t be afraid to use us for accountability!

 I noticed some RivalUs supplement(s) in the video, what made you choose those?

I choose Powder Burn for a pre-workout supplement because it gives me the energy to power through my workouts. It also helps me get focused and ready to mentally push myself. I choose the Clean Gainer for a post-workout shake supplement, because 1. It helps me reach my caloric and protein goals, and 2. It tastes fantastic. Seriously, it might be the best tasting protein I’ve ever had.

You’re young, busy, and likely on a budget. So, riddle me this: Does eating healthy have to be expensive?

Of course not. You just have to be strategic and plan ahead. When you don’t prepare and plan your meals, you’re most likely to splurge and get something you don’t need, both from a health and budget stand point. Make a grocery list only of what you need and stick to it.

 Thanks for reading and viewing! Please let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in video and writing format!
Godspeed Staff