STAQ Training

The scholastic training program at Godspeed are designed to deliver results-proven, customized training methods with a focus on injury prevention, safety, and performance. Godspeed STAQ programs are in a group setting with one-on-one training attention as well as team drills.
***Training session times are subject to change
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Speed & Agility Training

The LOI Program is an invitation only program designed to serve the highest level of elite high school athletes as they prepare to play at the collegiate level. After signing a Letter of Intent to play college athletics the athlete will be progressed using the same methods and techniques as our STAQ 53 and STAQ PRO programs. Training takes place during the Spring and Summer only – 3 days per week.

Speed & Agility 3 – is the last progression in the growth and progress of every athlete prior to collegiate athletics. The Speed & Agility 3 – program continues the next cycle in an athlete’s life of developing the proper sprinting, agility, reactionary, and functional movement techniques to progress each year in sports. This next progression in the high school athletes training will be to add power and strength development through progressive sport specific jumping, lifting and power techniques. This 12-week course will progress the young athlete 3 days a week for 90 minutes using results oriented, training techniques to develop and progress each athlete preparing them to reach their athletic performance goals. Build your young athletes performance foundation at Godspeed in the Speed & Agility 3 Class.


Team & Club – Training

Team and Club Sport training at Godspeed is available by request through out the various sports seasons. The Godspeed performance staff will meet with the Team and/or Club Coach to review and create a specific training program to assist the Team and/or Club in reaching new levels of performance both for the individual athlete and the team and/or Club as a whole.

High School Teams (State Championships)
Hoover High School – Football (’06, ’07), Baseball (’08)
Spain Park High School – Football (’08 – runner up), Wmns Basketball, Wmns Soccer (’13-’14), Tennis (’12)
Briarwood High School – Baseball
Cullman High School – Baseball (’15)
Oak Mountain High School – Men’s Soccer (’12)


Snead State Community College – Baseball

Lacrosse Academy of Birmingham – LAB
Oak Mountain Lacrosse
Spain Park Lacrosse – (2015)
Hoover Lacrosse – (2015)
Birmingham United Soccer Academy – BUSA