Active Life

Godspeed Crossfit :

Evaluate, Instruct, and Progress the Active Crossfiter on the skils, movements and methodology of Godspeed Crossfit Program.

Monday – Friday 5 AM, 6 AM, 8:30 AM, 3:30 AM, 5 PM, 6 PM (not of Fridays)

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Samson | Move Class :

Utilizing a specialized program the CrossfitRPM will Educate, Instruct, and Progress the competitive crossfit athlete on the advanced skils, movements, and endurance required to compete in Crossfit Events.

Samson – Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 10 AM

MOVE – Monday, Wednesday, Friday @ 11:45 AM, Tuesday & Thursday @ 9:30

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Foundations Class :

Evaluate, Educate, and Instruct the Beginning Crossfiter on the foundational skills, movements and methodology of standard barbell movements and Olympic lifts as well as for the Godspeed Crossfit Program.

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STAQ : High School

For ages between 14 – 18 years old, STAQ Training objectives at this stage are to build an athlete’s energy systems (conditioning), speed (linear/lateral), strength (Upper, Lower, Total) and power (Explosive) while improving flexibility and overall health.

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STAQ : Collegiatte

For ages between 17 – 23+ years old, STAQ training will progress the Collegiate Athlete by improving their physical capacities (strength, endurance, power, speed, etc.) through programs of individualization and sport-specific training.

Letter of Intent Program

For soon to be collegiate student athletes, the LOI Program is an invitation only program designed to serve the highest level of elite high school athletes as they prepare to play at the collegiate level. After signing a Letter of Intent to play college athletics the athlete will be progressed using the same methods and techniques as our STAQ 53 and STAQ PRO programs. Training takes place during the Spring and Summer only – 3 days per week. Athletes will report to their college or university ready to perform.


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