Our Core

Godspeed Elite Sports Academy believes that an individual can only fully adapt their physical, mental, and spiritual state when they fully commit their Heart, Mind, Strength and Soul. By cultivating these four attributes, Godspeed’s performance training will progress each athlete to achieve their greatest potential. Whether it is increasing their speed, improving their agility or gaining power, Godspeed achieves results.


Everyone wants results. Many will start the journey to achieve them but when the hours get long and the days get longer, few have the fire from within to persevere. Godspeed trains athletes to refuse to quit, endure to the end, and have the HEART to achieve success. 1 Corinthians 9: 24-25


It takes more than athletic ability to succeed. The pinnacle of success is built on the trials we overcome. Godspeed builds athletes’ character by training them to persevere. Romans 5:3-5


Strength of the body will come through the discipline of training. Godspeed develops athletes physically through disciplined movements, techniques, and methods. Hebrews 12:11



An athlete’s knowledge and wisdom set the foundation of their athletic potential. Godspeed provides the education and environment for athletes to enhance their mental capabilities. Proverbs 15:14