What is the Godspeed – STAQ Program?

The Godspeed – STAQ Training program develops athletes Speed, Technique, Agility and Quickness (STAQ) to prevent injury and increase performance using proven methodologies backed by confirmed results. Godspeeds believes that the total athlete is not just physically gifted but is the complete package of: Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength. This approach at Godspeed has proven to assist athletes reach new heights in their athletic career. Select the STAQ Training program right for you and your career goals. Give us a call so we can customize your training so that you will achieve your athletic goals!

STAQ Training Programs

STAQ 53 – NFL Draft preparation to veteran off/pre season training, this is your path to the 53 man roster.

STAQ MLB – Minor league to MLB off-season training, your next steps to The Show.

STAQ PRO – Professional Athletes train at Godspeed: MLS, WNBA, NFL, MLB, etc., this program is for you.

STAQ Collegiate – For collegiate student athletes preparing to enter the world of collegiate athletics with our Letter of Intent Program or for college student athletes wishing to gain and maintain an edge during the holiday and summer breaks with training at Godspeed.

STAQ Training  – Speed & Agility Training for athletes entering their freshman year of high school to the Elite high school senior. (Ages 14+ ONLY)