Get Started

STEP 1: Schedule a Tour

Before training Begins at Godspeed we recommend that all new athletes schedule a Tour of our facility with one of our STAQ Coaches. During the Tour each athlete will:

  • Meet 1 on 1 with a STAQ Coach
  • Take a Tour of the Godspeed Elite Sports Academy
  • Have all your questions answered concerning Registration, Evaluation, Programs and Nutrition
  • Schedule Evaluation & Consultation (see STEP 2)

STEP 2: Evaluation & Consultation

After the athlete tour, an Evaluation & Consultation will be scheduled. Prior to an athlete beginning training, they must complete a 1.5 hour Evaluation and Consultation:


Identify individual needs and develop a baseline for objectively tracking future development.

  • Provide Medical and Health History
  • Provide Current Sport and Training Plan
  • Body Composition – (No FOOD or DRINK (4) hours prior to Evaluation)
  • Functional Movement Screen
  • Sport Specific Performance Screen
    • Sprint Test
    • Agility Test
    • Power Test
    • Strength Test
    • Energy System Test (Sport Specific)
  • What to Bring?
    • Snack following Body Composition Scan
    • Training Clothing
    • Cleats and Athletic Shoes


After establishing a Baseline Date Point based off your strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances, Godspeed staff designs a individual program to progress performance and limit injury risk.

  • Review Athletes Evaluation Data (Baseline Data Point)
  • Discuss Training Prescription based off Baseline Data
  • Schedule Training Program (See STEP 3)

STEP 3: Begin STAQ Training