Training Floor

Train on 3,600 sq. ft.  of Regopul Aktiv Performance Flooring with sport impact and anti-bacterial properties.  This material is used in only the highest end sports performance facilities and Collegiate Athletic Departments to prevent injury while aiding in sport performance.  

Our training floor is equipped with:

  • (12) Godspeed Logo Weightlifting Platforms
  • (2) 60” HD Television for immediate feedback and bio-mechanic analysis
  • (2) 42” HD Television for Athlete Management and Performance Tracking
  • (2) 10’ Big Ass Fans for keeping Athletes cool while training hard
  • Men’s and Women’s Showers and Bathrooms
  • Full Entertainment System to keep you moving and informed during your training


Call us at 205-989-4110 for details or schedule a time.

X-Grass Performance Field

Whether training for speed and agility or competing in games of soccer and lacrosse the Godspeed Elite Sports Academy uses only the highest quality surface made by X-Grass Performance Turf for its 21,000 sq. ft. field.  PERFORMX by X-Grass is the highest quality material for lasting durability in the hard cuts during training while keeping cool during those hot day summer training days.

  • Baseball Teams can use the Little League Field and/or the MLB Field that is designed in to the PERFORMX Turf
  • Soccer Teams and Athletes can choose to play on the 55 x 35 yard Field or one of the two 35 x 20 yard  Soccer Fields.


Call us at 205-989-4110 for details or schedule a time.