Active Life

What is the Active Life Program?

The Active Life program at Godspeed was created to provide a menu of program choices for our members to choose alongside the guidance of a STAQ Coach creating a training prescription for their specific needs and goals.  Each class is allowed with purchase of the Godspeed – Active Life membership.  However, some programs do require Pre-Requisite classes or Metrics to be allowed class entrance.

Click to download a detailed brochure about our Active Life program.

What is Included in the Active Life Program?

  • Quarterly Evaluation – FMS, Body Comp, Limb Measurements, Performance Testing (unless built in Active Life Program Class)
  • Monthly Nutritional Consulting and Prescription
  • Unlimited Active Life Class Attendance
  • Unlimited Access to Active Life Program Classes – over 12+ class option a Day (some classes require pre-requisites before access)
  • Rival Us Performance Supplements – 10 % Discount
  • Therapy South – Performance Therapy – 25% Discount on Dry Needling, Soft Tissue Modalities, and Recovery Tool Use

What Classes are included in the Active Life Program Class Menu?

Foundations – Mandatory New Member Evaluation and Instruction class to introduce, instruct, and progress new athletes over 4 weeks and 12 classes.
Godspeed Crossfit – Crossfit class for adults with emphasis on proper warm up, barbell strength/power, and metcons designed around the 10 pillars of crossfit.
Samson Strength – Strength Class built around the classic movements: Bench, Squat, Deadlift, to increase maximal strength and power.
Godspeed Barbell Club – Weightlifting Club designed to teach and progress athletes in the classic lifts: snatch, clean & jerk, in preparation to compete locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally.
Nimble Lion – Functional movement class designed to teach the bodies natural movement while increasing kinesthetic sense, mobility and stability through body weight movements, mobility, gymnastics, and other disciplines.
Move Class – Boot camp – High Tempo Group Class designed for the member looking for less barbell and more heart rate using multiple movements, pieces of equipment and rest to work ratios
Endurance – Designed for endurance based athletes and others looking to increase their aerobic capacity and run/row/ski/bike efficiency
Yoga – Recovery Yoga for the active athlete
Fuel – Nutrition counseling, information and prescription for each member